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Opportunity N.O.C.S is a Non-Profit Organization that provides solutions for its customers by creating facility access for persons with disabilities. O.N.O.C.S is dedicated to collaborating with entities to provide disability regulation and policy compliance through progressive and innovative means. 

All business activities will be funded via GRANTS and DONATIONS!


Perform on-site assessments to validate ADA compliance standards.

Meet with clients to address assessment requirements and develop a plan to ensure acceptable compliance standards are in-place.


Deliver on-demand and reliable customized training focused on supporting various types of accessibility needs.


Train businesses and organizations on ways to improve on-site accessibility for persons with disabilities.


Partner with Construction industry firms to execute disability access integration engineering of facilities for maximum disability access.

Serve as a facilitator to ensure the affordability of construction services.


 Offering Assistance and Resources for entities faced with accessibility non-compliance legal issues and fines.

Customized ADA accessibility compliance strategies for Clients in non-compliance legal standings. 

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